Idol of Thoth

Written by our very own Keeper, Joe Trier, Idol of Thoth starts with a locked room mystery around the disappearance of an ancient artefact, which soon turns into a race against time with the very fate of the City and even the world being at stake... That is until the HWR Crew get involved... Experience how Eoghan, Niall and Kuran approach Joe's subtle and carefully crafted mystery

With huge thanks to Battle Syrinscape Kevin MaCleod at Incompetech FesliyanStudios and Pedar B Heland For their excellent music and sfx

You can find my new scenario "The Idol of Thoth" here


Episode 1 - A Strange Disappearance 

A locked room mystery, a race against time, the very fate of the world in danger... Will the HWR Crew survive Episode 1 of The Idol of Thoth? Featuring an @idlechampions gold chest #CallOfCthulhu @Chaosium_Inc



In Episode 2,  the investigators chase up a lead in a shady area of Boston...What could go wrong?
Featuring a giveaway from our partners @idlechampions #callofcthulhu #rph #horror