The dren campaign

The Dren/Elven war has been waged over the last fifty years. With the humans finally victorious, the new king Reynold has taken the daughter of the previous elven king as his bride. But all is not well in the capital, hunger and discontent walk the streets and an ancient evil is gathering strength in the mountains.

This was our first D&D campaign that we tried on the podcast.  We were lucky to be joined by both Aram and Doug from Godsfall and Paul from Swordnut Radio.  Unfortunately, do to player absence, we never got to finish the story, but what he have is definitely worth listening to!

dnd character intors.jpg

Character introductions

This is the introduction to our dungeons and dragons campaign and gives a brief overview of our custom world and gives you a chance to get to know the four characters.

chapter 1.jpg

Chapter One

With the players now together they battle through the frozen wilderness of the north battling wolves, creatures unknown out of fireside legends.  We also have Dorro, planeshift in from the world of Godsfall and join us for a number of episode!


Chapter two - escape

With Dorro returned to his own reality, the adventurers find themselves trapped in the Elven Capital of Dagmar with the terrifying knowledge that horrendous demon-like, tentacled creatures are lurking in every shadow, waiting for night. 

For this chapter, Niall, who plays Iskar Coltain, couldn't make the first session, so we decided to split the party. 

Li and Grigor headed into the city to find Master Wen, D'Ock Brawn went with Schneebly to find the Fluux Captulator and Eldon headed off alone with the hope of finding Iskar. 

Each episode will follow one of the groups and hopefully, they will be reunited at some point. 

We were also luck to be joined by Paul from Swordnut radio, who plays characters in both groups!