Curse of strahd



Erich godson and warty

Player: David

Erich is the Youngest son of a great Dwarven house and despite his many accomplishments is seen as something of a disappointment by his family.

Shit rolls downhill and Erich is at the bottom of a very tall family hill.

While his older siblings were being groomed for greatness, Erich was ignored, fobbed off and treated like the family pet; a reputation that still follows him, despite the fact that as a grown dwarf he is now a paladin in good standing and a warrior of some repute…. 

When Erich's oldest brother disappeared while acting as trade delegate for the House in foreign lands, Erich saw his chance to rid himself of the stigma of his childhood and finally take his rightful place in his house...

saff thorngage

Player: Eoghan

Growing up Saff was your ordinary halfling, unremarkable in many ways. He was a good student showing some talents for performance and music.However Saff was often in trouble for his pranks,hi-jinks and mischievous ways in his school years. His curious halfling nature often got him to sticky situations. 

The son of a tailor, Saff grew up comfortably in a middle class neighbourhood. After graduating from school Saff began training with his father, Sarnic Thorngage, in order to take over the family business. After years of asinine existence as a tailors apprentice Saff had decided he had enough. He decided it was time to leave home to find fame and fortune. After saying goodbye to his mother and father Saff set out for Waterdeep to make his name as an entertainer. 

After a number of years of struggling as a musician and bard in Waterdeep, Saff was living a modest existence. Gone was the comfort of middle class living and so far fame had escaped him. Saff longed for his own home and a comfortable lifestyle, if entertainment wasn't going to deliver it he would find another way.

It was at this stage that Saff turned to thieving and fencing to supplement his income. Saff had a natural ability to gain people trust before relieving them of their gold and valuables. After an exciting few months Saff was living comfortable in the leafy suburbs of Waterdeep in his new home. It was at this point that he recieved an invite to the thieves guild. Here he befriended a thieving wizard who taught him some spells such as mage hand and message to help him excel at pickpocketing and fencing.  Since joining the Thieves Guild Saff has never looked back.

voron elar

Player: Niall

Voron was always fascinated by the way the world works and how magic influences it.
From a young age he was curious about all things arcane and dedicated his life to studying it.
Voron spent most of his early years trying to gain access to better means of education into the world of arcana and, eventually, Voron succeeded. 
He was granted tutelage under a local wizard by the name of Davkas Darksbane.
He'd noticed Voron’s natural talent and his determination, so took him under his wing to help his power grow.
After several years of concentrated study, nurturing his talents under Davkas, Voron was given a case of his own to explore. 
An invitation to the mysterious “Death House” had come into his master’s possession and he wished for Voron to investigate this house of dark portent.
Voron would never be the same.



Player: Aaron

A Dragonborn Paladin.



Player: Aram

Grayson was a mage's familiar who took such a liking to him he cast Awaken on him, giving him human intelligence and making him capable of speech. he also created a small gem Grayson wears on a cord that allows him to cast Mage Hand at will.

Soon after, a band of people attack his master. he rushed in to try and defend him but was kicked against a wall and knocked unconscious.

When he woke up, the attackers we gone and his master was dying. As a final gift, his master cast magics on him that greatly extend his lifespan so that he will live for many decades in prime physical form.

He has spent the past several years perfecting his physical and mental state and is now on a mission to kill those responsible for his master's death.



Player: Liisa

Viessa is a red haired Eladrin, with a heart of gold and a baking streak.

True to her Autumn aspect, she finds good in most people, or at least adventure when things go horribly awry, and every meal is a feast. Just don’t make her angry.

She’s a bit quirky, but it’s to be expected when, as a Druid from the Feywild, speaking with all manner of anmials is her favorite past time. She once heard a Sprite say… well that’s a story for another time.

She also has a sister, a bard named Tamsin, who alas, was lured away by Vistani bandits. It’s her sworn mission to the Queen of the Summer Court, to get Tamsin back.

Viessa met Greyson in Sigil, on her search for her sister.
They were traveling far from home. He was charming.
Druid + awakened cat = Fast Friends.
They also met Madame Eva, who told her a man with a monkey could help her find Tamsin.