Call of CThulhu One shots

Many of our Call of Cthulhu episodes fit together to create a coherent story, featuring ongoing characters, NPCs and villains.  However, we've also played a number of stand-alone scenarios, often with some amazing guest players.


Forget me not - modern day

The players wake up to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, with no memory of who they are or how they got there. As they try to piece together the events of the previous few days, they soon begin to realise that something truly horrific had happened and gaining back their memories may not be something they want to do! 

This scenario was written by Brian M Sammons and is one of 6 scenarios inside the collection: The Things We Leave Behind!


dockside dogs - modern day

A group of well-dressed criminals arrive at a warehouse to rendezvous after pulling off an extraordinary crime. They know each other only by their pseudonyms - Mister Black, Mister Red, Mister Green, Mister Purple, Mister Beige, Mister Silver, Mister Grey. 

The plan is simply to sit tight until midnight when someone will arrive to ferry them - and the loot - across the bay to make a final delivery to the boss. Sounds easy, right? 

But things take a turn for the weird; strange things happen in and around the warehouse. Things which make the criminals doubt the allegiances of the compatriots, their own sanity, and ultimately the very nature of reality. 

It is going to be a long wait for the ferryman. 

For this excellent scenario, written by Paul Fricker, we were joined by Kyle Fergussion from and Brocket Vola from Biggest Fan Podcast.


Pandora's box - pulp cthulhu

We were lucky enough to be joined by Chaosium's Mike Mason, the writer of the brand new Pulp Cthulhu. He took the reigns of keeper and took us through this fantastic scenario by Glynn White. 

A fabled artifact comes to a big city nightclub. At first, it seems like just a publicity stunt but bad luck follows the device and all who chance upon it. The heroes must navigate through a range of interested parties, some less desirable than others, in the search for a missing man whose past has been catching up with him.

Ties That Bind Cover (1).jpg

one flew over the cultists' nest - classic era

Back in the summer of 2016, Kuran said he'd like to try DMing/Keeping a scenario and that he had written one of his own. We all made characters but had no idea that, rather than battling the forces of evil - we'd actually be joining them! 

Sadly, this campaign is currently unfinsihed, but the two released episodes are definitely worth a listen!



When two private investigators are called to look into the love life of the wayward daughter of an eccentric millionaire, they had no idea that they would soon be pulled into an even greater mystery. This scenario has been adapted from that found in Chaosium's new Doors to Darkness book.


blackwater creek

We are joined by Scott Dorward the writer of Blackwater Creek, to play through this tense and exciting scenario which can be found in the Keepers Screen. When a Professor of Archaeology fails to return from a dig, the Miskatonic University decide to investigate; the unlikely team of detectives head to a remote village near Dunwich and find something more terrible than they could possibly have imagined.


Servants of the Lake

Joe and Eoghan joined Mike Mason and Paul Fricker (two of the authors of 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu) plus Scott Dorward (The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast) to play a brand new scenario from the upcoming Chaosium release - Doors of Darkness. With Mike as Keeper, the HWR Boys soon learned what Gritty Call of Cthulhu really is... Servants of the Lake. A 1920s scenario set in New England. The investigators have been contacted by a banker named Gerald Frazer, in regards to his missing son James. He knows the investigators through a mutual acquaintance and wants this task performed quietly to avoid a scandal.