joe -Dungeon master, writer, PRODUCER, editor

Joe, despite his youthful good looks, is a 35 year old teacher. He shares his time between his wife, baby,  rock climbing, playing games and drinking tea! 
Joe has the most RPG experience of the group. He has over 20+ years experience DMing in D&D as well as trying his hand at various other RPG games like Dark Heresy and Call of Cthulhu.

He has recently had a Call of Cthulhu Scenario Published in Stygian Fox's Fear's Sharp Little Needles and is hoping to write more!

Twitter: @HWRpodcast

Eoghan - Cohost and player

Eoghan is one of the creators of the How We Roll Podcast. He predominately fills the role of player on the show but has to date ran one game, Everyone is John. Eoghan tends to play the comic relief characters who have a knack for getting in trouble or fighting with Dave's characters.

Bio: Born and raised in the west of Ireland, Eoghan moved to Manchester in 2013 for work. It was here he met Joe Trier, who invited him to one of his first D&D games. Here they met Dave.

Sadly that group fell apart but the 3 drinking buddies played RPGs on and off for the next 6 months, before eventually making the leap and recording the first episode.

In 2015 Eoghan moved back to Ireland with work. He tends to spend his time usually gaming or streaming to the HWR twitch channel.

Twitter: @HowWeRollEoghan

Memorable Characters:

Rev. John B. Royce

Dr. Mick Tobin

Eldon Loveflute - Gnome Bard

Saff Thorngage - Halfling Arcane Trickster/Bard

Dave - player

The international man of mystery. An American via Romania. When it comes to role playing Dave is the equivalent of a method actor. In our first session Dave decided to start drinking Martinis to match his character. Drunken hilarity ensued. 

Twitter: @HowWeRollDave

Memorable Characters

Bartholomew Omond (Dillitant) 

Finn Anders (Private Investigator)

Grigor - Tiefling Warlock

Ulrich Godson - Dwarven Paladin

Niall - player

A 27 year old Irishman, introduced to the group through Eoghan. If there is any point that they can disagree on, they will. While he doesn't have the most experience in D&D he is keen on improving his role playing as his D&D campaign progresses. With a huge library of fantasy novels completed by him he hopes to be able to draw on these books to immerse him into this world as much as possible. 

Twitter: @Blagha

Memorable Characters:

Iskar Coltaine - Human fighter

Voron Ilar - High elf mage

Aaron - Player

A complete newcomer to role playing, he is playing the muscle of the group. A man of action and little talk. He acts first asks questions later. 

Born and grew up in Kent England, Moved to and lived briefly to Canada before returning to his home in Kent. Plays a lot of online games and met Joe and Eoghan whilst playing League of Legends.

Twitter: @Gruntybabyuk

Memorable Characters:

Spenser Randall (Private investigator)

Li - Monk

Sulvarax - Dragonborn Paladin

kuran - player

Kuran the man with all the accents in the group. Another Irish man and Ben's house mate, like Ben, Kuran is new to role playing games. 

Twitter: @HowWeRollKuran

Memorable Characters:

Harold Mudd

Christopher Walken (See Forget Me Not)

Ben - Player

From Ireland and Kuran's house mate, Ben is a complete newcomer to the group and to Role playing. He needs your belief people tell him you believe. 

Memorable Characters:

Gerald Hatten

Liisa Lee.jpg


Liisa “it really is two i’s” Lee is a voice-actor in LA, California, and an avid gamer since the 90’s.
She’s been a designer for text-based MUDs, as well as a collaborative writer for other RPG podcasts.
She grew up as a professional dancer/ musical theatre kid in NYC. 

What’s her geek? WoW: ambi-faction, playing DnD,  running her own DnD Discord server for players around the world, and Blades in the Dark.
In her spare time (what?) she practices Kitchen-mancy, baking gluten free cakes and cookies. 
She's also the How We Roll social media and website minion.

Twitter: @liisabelle 

Memorable Characters:  Viessa Ralinthos     Camilla Havenswood

Scott Dorward.jpg

Scott Dorward - Keeper, Writer Two-Headed Serpent

Scott Dorward is a freelance writer and editor specialising in tabletop roleplaying games. He has worked on publications for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, Pulp Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark and a few games that don't involve Cthulhu. He is also the former line developer for World War Cthulhu. Scott lives in Milton Keynes, where he is rarely more than three feet away from a cat. Along with Matt Sanderson and Paul Fricker, Scott co-hosts The Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast, where they discuss Call of Cthulhu, horror films, weird fiction and the perils of Attract Fish.